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Leaving PGR – Session Update

Posted by Rob

I will be leaving PGR so Brad and Manisha will be running the evening sessions.  Watch your email you used to sign up here at the site to get updates on meeting times and such.  Note:  This site will no longer be updated.

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July 9th Android Session Recap

Posted by Rob

Tonight, we didn't cover any new material.  Although, we did toss around some ideas and for next Monday (July 16th), we will be working from the Tutorial book, starting with the 2nd tutorial (the first tutorial is a hello world).

We will alternate each Monday with a tutorial session and a book/lecture session.  The tutorial sessions will be self-paced.  Rob will work on the tutorial and display the progress on the LCD monitor and screen cast.  You can go faster or slower than Rob.  This time is meant for you to practice and ask questions.

We will give this a try and adjust accordingly.  Please at anytime, provide some feedback if this approach works for you or not.

The tutorial book access has been posted.

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June 25th Android Session Recap

Posted by Rob

We finished chapter 9 Widgets.  For the next session, we will start working on chapter 10 (I believe this is the chapter number) which covers containers.

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June 18th Android Session Recap

Posted by Rob

Sorry for the delay!

Monday, we covered half of chapter 8 and covered the first 3 widgets.  We will finish up chapter 8 and move to chapter 9 which covers containers.

I will be using the source code from the book, which can be found in the books Github repository.  If you wish to follow along, please have git setup and the source code downloaded before the session.  If you need help getting the code or setting up git, please contact Rob.

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Eclipse tricks and hidden features

Posted by Rob

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June 11th Android Session Recap

Posted by Rob

Monday we covered quite a bit of ground - we covered the following chapters:

Chapter 5: A Bit about Eclipse
Chapter 6: Enhancing Your First Project
Chapter 7: Rewriting Your First Project
Chapter 8: Using XML-Based Layouts

In a nutshell, chapter 5 talks about how to find the DDMS in Eclipse and how to import a project into Eclipse.

Chapter 6 has info how on how augment the AndroidManifiest.xml file to support multiple screens and Android versions.

Chapter 7 rewrites the first project to add a button to the main activity.

Chapter 8 rewrites the previous chapter's project to use main.xml to define the button.

It looks like a lot, but the chapters are light and go pretty quickly.

Assignment for June 18th

Our next session will cover chapter 9 Employing Basic Widgets.  If time allows, we will move on to chapter 10 Working With Containers.

Also for the 18th, if you find any mobile news, be it Android, iOS, or anything else, feel free to share!  We will take about 5 minutes at the beginning of the next session to share any exciting news.  We will try this out and see how it goes.

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June 4th Android Session Recap

Posted by Rob

Monday we covered chapters 3 and 4.  In chapter 3, we put together a simple project and made sure it ran both on a simulator and a device.  Chapter 4 went over the Android project structure.

If you missed the end of the session, check with the remote access page (requires the password given) or check with one of the attendees.

I recorded a screencast of the session.  I'm working out the logistics and will post the link when its ready.

Assignment for June 11th

Make sure you can complete chapter 3 and review chapter 4.  We will review chapter 5 and if time allows, chapter 6.


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Thinking about getting a used Android?

Posted by Rob

Thinking about getting your hands on a used Android device for development?  You might check out Swappa.  I haven't tried it, but looks like a nice (and maybe safer) alternative to ebay or craigslist.

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Android Chapter 3 – Getting Started

Posted by Rob

Here's a screencast (minus audio) of chapter 3 of the Android book.  The Android emulator start up was edited out for time.

Please let me know if you find these useful or let me know how I can make these better.  If there's enough interest, I will post more of these.

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Posted by Rob

Came across DroidDraw and if you need to come up with a GUI for Android, this might be something to try out if you don't like the Eclipse GUI editor.

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